Coaching and Workshops

Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth!


RADICAL HONESTY LIVE: Workshops on How to Live, Love, Laugh & Be Happy & Completely Ruin Life as You Know It

Radical Honesty is direct communication that leads to intimacy. Honesty is kind of scary fun that very otfen turns out better than you thought(feared) it would. Lying is hard work and a pain in the ass and makes you lonesome as hell.

Lying is the major source of all human stress. It wears us out and eventually kills us. When we engage honestly, energy that was wasted putting on a performance to make an impression is suddenly available for real creativity in interacting and playing together. When we admit our pretenses we can refresh our relationships and powerfully create new ways of living together.

What We Do

The principles outlined in Dr. Brad Blanton's book Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth are presented in a planned experiential sequence in the workshop. We do directed conversations, paired exercises, group exercises, hot seat work, body movement, meditation and more. All of this is geared toward us learning and practicing the distinction between noticing and imagining; the difference between interpreting reality and actually noticing it through direct experience. Through that, we learn to share what we notice about the reality of our own experience with others, as the basis for true intimacy—learning to love ourselves and love other beings by learning to love Being, itself.